This Website

I had various tries at maintaining a personal website in a way that's not too much work for me. Every time I got kind of lazy to update the content, fix the layout when it was broken in any new browser, couldn't be bothered to update my WordPress installation or something along these lines.

This time I will try to leverage existing, simple tooling, as much as possible.

I learned to appreciate oldschool tools a lot actually in the recent years, ever since I read a very interesting book about UNIX philosophy - Art of Unix Programming. I don't necessarily agree with all the points, but the quest for simplicity is very interesting. On the other hand, configuring emacs feels very far from simple ...

I tried various approaches of filling this website with content, the first one was a self-programmed PHP guestbook. At that time I was still living at home in a small place in Bavaria, Germany. Today I type this content in Singapore, where my current home is.

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